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I’m a fiery and spirited soul who is deeply passionate about learning new things, sharing knowledge and inspiring people through stories and enlightening experiences. Striving to be the best version of myself and unlocking my fullest potential to understand life’s deeper meaning and lead a fulfilled life, motivates me to navigate through life’s challenges. My super powers are resilience, strong will power and driven nature. I care about lifestyle design, mental wellbeing and educating people with life philosophy and life pro tips more than academia. I love researching about economics, politics, philosophy and healthy lifestyles, spending time in nature, doing yoga, meditation and dance workouts.

My hunger for using technology to solve business problems led me to pursue a Master's program in Information Systems at a Business school in the US. I'm currently a Product Manager at Amazon. You can reach out to me by using the “Contact Me” form below, through Facebook and LinkedIn.


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